Game Review: Diabolik Lovers[乙女]

It’s been awhile guys~ Sorry I didn’t update much these days as I was in a rush for an event, namely AFA SG 2012. Well back to the main topic of the game I’ve been playing recently but stopped a little while: Diabolik Lovers.

Most of you otome gamers would’ve probably heard about Diabolik Lovers already since they had 6 Drama CDs released before the game. Each Drama CD is dedicated to each scenario of the characters specifically with the heroine and recorded with a dummy head mic, which means potential eargasm. This game is practically about Dou-S vampire brothers and the heroine, so read further if you are interested to know the general plot; I won’t be writing anything about specific routes yet but I’ve completed all endings of Ayato and Kanato. (I’m halfway through with Raito.)

So starting off, heroine(Yui) is being told that she has to move in to another place cuz her “father” is going elsewhere to work. And by this, she is “sent” from the church to live with 6 brothers whom she didn’t know are vampires. When she first enters the house, Yui finds Ayato sleeping on the sofa and gets shocked that he isn’t breathing, thus panicking to call for an ambulance. In the end, Ayato wakes up, asks who the hell she is and pushes her down. (。♥‿♥。) Putting aside how annoying she is, I almost flipped the table loads of times throughout the plot, I’m serious. It didn’t turn out to be much of a plot twist but anyway, Yui struggles and tries to run away. There we have it, the usual HOLYSHIT WHAT reaction, and the heroine getting all scared but have to make a choice in the end.

While struggling to get away from Ayato, the whole family wakes up thanks to all the noise she’s making. I found this CG pretty hilarious seeing how Subaru “scolds” Raito and I find him really cute to be honest. Well, Raito appears and begins to flirt and be all “bitch-chan” so I don’t suppose Subaru is wrong in scolding him.xD

And so, Reiji appears. THE SHITSUJI HENTAI– /shot No, I mean the serious looking “shitsuji-like” Dou-S. He kindly explains everything to Yui, and by kindly, I mean he was seriously being very nice and explaining the fact that they were vampires and stuff to her. But Yui was getting all whiny and making it seem like something went wrong in her life which, while I understand she’s probably confused cause’ she probably didn’t expect any of this to happen but no, I just don’t really favour Mary Sue-ish heroines especially when they are really really whiny. Yui runs away, this time bumping into Shuu at the main entrance and soon, the whole family makes their appearance.(the first CG I put up)

So they all decide that she must stay since the church knows their identity and sent her there, it must be some kind of decision already and they(Shuu) already accepted it so no complains. But since they are vampires, they decide to “feast” upon Yui because they’re “hungry”. But Yui decides to act all high class and insists she chooses who is allowed to suck her blood at the moment Kanato decides to bite her and thus, his innocent “Eh?” face.Σ(゜ロ゜;) I thought she would reject them all but I guess she decided to demand the choice to choose??? I can’t remember who said what, but I remember one of the brothers mentioning how she was acting like a “high class prostitute”. Yui, I don’t bear any grudge against you, but I think he’s damn right. I’m not gonna side with sad heroines here, cuz I’ve seen many others and to be honest, I’ll side with Hakuouki’s Chizuru and Arcana Famiglia’s Felicita more. It’s not that they’re super sad-lifed but they don’t whine as much. I really can’t stand how Yui is acting so “I refuse to” but ends up in situations which really make her out to be really bitchy.(You’ll know once I go through the individual routes.)

Well, so from here, you decide on one of the three brothers to go for since you can’t unlock all 6 at once. You need to complete the first half before going for the second half.

First half: Ayato, Kanato, Raito.

Second half: Shuu, Reiji, Subaru.

Nope, I doubt this game contains any hidden characters for you to go for but I’m pretty peeved at how similar this plot is to Vampire Sweetie(which I’ve done a review on before) and Gekka Ryouran Romance. I know Gekka Ryouran Romance came from the same company, but I have had enough of mysterious no parents or has to live in xxx place and then meets a group of people and gets involved with all of them, each having some tragic ending or experience somewhere along the line.

All in all, I like this game STILL. There are awesome seiyuus and great art so I won’t deny it’s good. The Drama CDs came out pretty nicely and I would do a review on it some other time BUT the game itself had a very uhm, common prologue/opening, so I didn’t really like it until they revealed more of the plot but that’s after the “Dark” arc in every route.ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

If anyone’s pissed at how I’m actually ranting about Yui here, I’m sorry. But she really irritated the heck out of me in one of Kanato’s endings and unfortunately, that’s not going to change. I like all the brothers but if there’s something that really irritates me, it’s how they can’t seem to hesitate at anything at all. Like how we may like(or not like), seeing characters contemplate, hesitate or get anxious over answering or doing something, there is no essence of this in Diabolik Lovers, well as far as I’ve seen but… meh, I’ll leave it up to you to try playing the game yourself. Art-wise, OST wise, I love it but it’s just pretty vexing over the reactions of Yui sometimes. Other than that, no complains.

I’m pretty busy with events, school and stuff so I won’t be updating very often but I’ll reply to the comments whenever I have time so feel free to ask if you want the walkthrough or have some queries whatsoever. I enjoy reading comments or opinions as well.



6 thoughts on “Game Review: Diabolik Lovers[乙女]

  1. Michelle

    I don’t understand why you are so irritated by Yui. They weren’t being polite, that’s just how Reiji is. But in case you hadn’t noticed, the others were randomly licking her, telling her how nice her blood smells, and calling her stupid for not believing in mythological creatures! If I were in her position, I would want to get away from them as quickly as possible too. If you were abandoned by your “father” and ended up in a house full of vampires trying to KILL YOU, wouldn’t you be a little upset? And please don’t say it wouldn’t matter just because they’re good-looking. As for her decision to decide who gets to have her blood, I think that was more Yui believing that she could possibly last longer if she only had to deal with one brother rather than all six. (Please excuse any bad grammar/punctuation.)

    P.S. I know this was posted a long while ago, but I really love Yui and I hate it when people badmouth her for no reason.

    1. 氷室雪 Post author

      Hi there, it’s okay if you don’t understand, I don’t mind.

      I’m really sorry if what I said about her offended you but I just don’t really like heroines like Yui. I understand where she’s coming from about being abandoned and thrown to live with vampires and I kind of knew it would turn out like this since I listened to the Drama CD beforehand. I thought she was still pretty okay when I was playing for Ayato but I just happened to really dislike her in one of Kanato’s endings especially like I mentioned and yeap, I just didn’t seem to really like her after that.

      “And please don’t say it wouldn’t matter just because they’re good-looking.” To be honest, I don’t really know what you are referring to here; I did get irritated at some of the brothers although I like the art.

      This is just my personal opinion and I know how it feels to have the characters you liked being badmouthed, but this is just a general game review so I just hope you can ignore this if erm, you don’t really like it.

      Sorry again if this offended you.

      1. Michelle

        It’s okay, you didn’t offend me. I’m sorry if I offended you though, that wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to know why some people dislike heroines like Yui so much. I myself prefer the ones with a backbone, but that doesn’t mean I hate the ones that don’t. And unfortunately there also people who excuse the guy’s actions just because he has a pretty face and that’s really frustrating for me. Not that I think you’re like that, but I hear it so often sometimes I just assume that will be at least part of the reason. Also, I think I know which ending your talking about and in which case I understand why you wouldn’t like Yui. Thank you for answering me back, I honestly didn’t think you would. 🙂

        (Again, sorry for any bad grammar/punctuation.)

      2. 氷室雪 Post author

        Nah it’s okay :3

        Ahahaha, I just like replying to others. It’s also a good way to find out what others think about the game in general. And there’s nothing wrong with your grammar and punctuation so don’t worry about it.=w=

  2. Otaku girl from Singapore

    Hi, I am from Singapore too! So happy to meet a fellow Sporean here in blogosphere about otome and BL gaming!!!
    Diabolik Lovers is just sooo cool compared to the other otome games I’ve played so far. No bullshits and with non-sparkling blood-sucking vampires. I really dislike the lovey dovey kind of otome games like the starry sky series. I just finished playing Ayato, Subaru and Shuu’s route and Shuu is such a hottie. He seriously is the nicest one among them all. Midorikawa’s Ayato keeps mixing his Tomoe Yoh voice from SS (like when Ayato is whining about how hungry he is) and Shiki voice from TnC (when he’s sexing up the heroine) and that just makes me go LOL when I was playing Ayato’s route. Toriumi’s voice is so hot especially when he’s on dummy mic, makes me squeal like a fangirl every time.
    Yeah the heroine is a Mary Sue like 99% of otome protagonists, that’s why i prefer BL games. I really enjoy seeing her getting abused by the brothers, maybe i’m just being sadistic.
    Not to sound like a stalker but singapore being a small place, i wonder if by any chance you are from RVHS? I used to have a classmate who talks really like you, and a cosplayer as well. I’ve graduated from RV already so I’m now in uni. Just wondering. Would be really awesome if I actually know you in real life. Hope you are not offended by my curiosity.

    1. 氷室雪 Post author

      Hey there! It’s nice to see a fellow Singaporean hop by my tiny blog~
      Glad to meet a fellow fan of Diabolik Lovers AHAHAH
      I’m not from RVHS although I have a friend who’s studying there OvO”
      And it’d be awesome if I knew you too! So few friends around me appreciate otome games ; x ; I’m not offended at all so no worries~


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