Game Review: Diabolik Lovers(Kanato)[乙女]

I wasn’t intending to do an update so soon actually as I just updated on the general review for Diabolik Lovers. But since I have time on my hands now, I might as well do a short review.

I saw many detailed reviews of Ayato for Diabolik Lovers so I decided to go ahead with Kanato’s review instead although I personally prefer Ayato over Kanato. Kanato’s route is so mindblowing, I just had to write a review for him. Kanato generally says whatever he thinks of and he screams and shrieks A LOT when he doesn’t get his way. On side note, he will NEVER blame himself for the stupidest things that happens but yeah, I still love him as a character. Not going to go through the details of his route but I definitely have a lot of mixed feelings over the ending. Well, let’s move on with more of the plot(majority summarising the endings)~ >wOv

The one thing you must know about Kanato: DO NOT TALK BACK OR YOU SUFFER. I’m serious. Unlike the other brothers who prefer Yui putting up a fight which “excites” them, going against Kanato in any way will just “aggravate” him further. When I mean going against Kanato, it means also speaking up for yourself. Whatever you do, just apologise. Or he goes into rage mode, screams like no tomorrow and makes sure you suffer.

However, if you choose to obey him(not that you can avoid all the shrieking and screaming), you will see a more gentle side of him. There was this scene where he and Yui went to the garden and Yui commented about how the roses were beautiful. Seeing how delighted she was, Kanato picked a rose and gave it to her. Yui hesitates though, as she feels slightly scared and another reason maybe because Kanato plucked it with his bare hands. Either way, he was pretty gentle in that scene and if you notice the teddy bear(in the above CG), it’s absolutely important to him and if it rips/gets “stepped” on at any point of time, do worry for the safety of your ears.( ̄□ ̄;)

Kanato can turn out pretty possessive and it’s obvious when Yui is seen talking to Raito and Ayato in school. To Kanato, Yui is NOT allowed to betray him because she belongs to him. In the later parts, however, Kanato can be really really nice to the point he stops drinking blood from Yui for a period of time because she keeps fainting by saying that he doesn’t want to drink “horrible” tasting blood. To show everyone that Yui belongs to him, Kanato brings her to the party in the demon world, gets himself hurt and orders Yui to lick the wound in front of everyone. This successfully turns the other brothers off, especially Ayato and Raito. At the later part of the story, it is revealed that Kanato has a fetish with his mother and he doesn’t care even if she has an “affair” with Rihito(not sure if I spelled it right as I only spell it by ear). To be honest, I wish Rihito was a hidden character. Not to be mean, I really disliked Cordelia and even if Rihito did the craziest things I still like him although he’s the uncle of Ayato and the others. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

So with all the crazy plots anyway, Kanato confesses to Yui that he loves her(something I don’t think Ayato did) and is willing to let go of the teddy bear given to him by his mother. From here, you can see how much he is willing to do for her actually. But no, happy days don’t last long because after Kanato finds out the truth about Yui’s heart, he goes off to kill his uncle and becomes possessive of Yui once again.

I went WTF at this ending, I’m serious.щ(ಠ益ಠщ) It just didn’t make sense for me to see her lose her memories and only remember Kanato.(BTW, ignore the fact that it’s not Yui’s name but mine on the speaker area orz.) She doesn’t remember about her parents and Kanato’s like “Ah I’m sorry, you don’t have anyone like that”. When he accidentally talks about his brothers, Yui asks who he’s taking about because she only remembers meeting Kanato and no one else.(WTF?!?!)

Meh, this one pretty much reminds me of Ayato’s ending but I guess it’s the “happiest” ending already so… Bye Yui, be happy being a vampire and the “doll” of Kanato. Kanato doesn’t kill anyone here, he just defeats his brothers and the others, taking over as the “strongest”… Nothing much to say here~

This is the WORST ever SCREWED up ending. In this ending, Yui becomes all bitchy and asks the other brothers to suck her blood cuz she doesn’t feel enough “pleasure”. After that she and the other brothers talk bad about Kanato(I think? Can’t remember the exact.) and that somehow incurs his wrath while he questioned Yui pretending he didn’t know a thing when he already found out. Yui lies to cover up for herself but freaks out later when she realises he knew all along. In order to appease Kanato, Yui plots to kill all 5 brothers in return for Kanato’s forgiveness. Yui is covered in blood, which confirms further doubts of anyone, that all brothers have died. She then acts like a slut and requests for Kanato to suck her blood, at which she gets her wish. Yui, SERIOUSLY, WHAT IN THE WORLD–  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was seriously traumatised in this ending when Yui self-willingly kills off the other brothers for Kanato’s forgiveness when it’s her fault. I would understand the brothers killing off each other, but Yui, killing the other brothers. /flipstable

All I can say for Kanato’s general gameplay: MINDBLOWING.

There is no ending in this route that has failed to mindblow me.

Sigh… I’ll stop on the review for Diabolik Lovers until I see something I want to write about since I haven’t completed the game and maybe work on other reviews first. Feeling super sleepy now…


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